Friday, March 23, 2012

Neat Things You Can Do On the Internet Updated

For the folks that were in our Internet class yesterday at the Socastee Library, you will remember that the slide presentation had lots of broken links in it.  My apologies, but they are now fixed.  You can either click on the link in my original post or for convenience, I'll post it again here:

Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Neat Things You Can Do On the Internet

On 3/22/2012 Shirley and I will be teaching a new class at the Socastee Library in Horry County SC.  The title of the class is "Neat Things You Can Do On the Internet".  I have uploaded the PowerPoint presentation for the class to Slideshare.  You can find it at

Many folks in our (ahem...) somewhat older generation wonder how we can spend as much time online as we do.  In a two hour trek driving back from Charleston a few weeks ago we began brainstorming a list of all the activities we engage in online and I "wrote" them down on my iPhone as Shirley was driving.  We were amazed at the size and scope of the list and decided to turn it into a class that would answer the question and give folks the opportunity to learn how we do what we do.  I created the PowerPoint presentation to use in the class and included many many hyperlinks that will take you to the sites we use.  95% of them are sites we have directly used ourselves, the other 5% are related to the same topics.

Following is a list of all the topics,  Most have multiple sub topics in the slideshow where all have multiple hyperlinks.

Category/Slide Title
Reference Sites
Find Entertainment/Buy Tickets
Real Estate Research
Health Research
Household Hints Decorating Ideas Appliance Repair
Read Magazines & Newspapers
Download and Read Books for Free
Horry County Online Services
Shop for New or Used Car
Travel (Air, Rail, Bus, Cruise)
Video - Search for and Play Video Clips on Youtube
Podcasts (Internet Radio) Find and Play or Download
Research Gardening Issues
Education on All Levels
Hunt & Apply For a Job
Shop and Buy Used Items
Shop for New Goods
Find a Church
Communicate (text, voice and video)
Share Pictures With Friends and Relatives
Weather for Anywhere on Demand
Track Packages from UPS, FedEx, USPS
Social Media
Community Involvement
News on Demand
Find Lost $Money$