Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Getting to a Human on the 800 Line!

Here's a little extension to the "What Can I Do With This Computer" theme: Here's an Information Access coup if I ever saw one: Have you ever been frustrated by a company's 800 line because you need to talk to a human and just can't break through? Here's a link to a list of corporate and government 800 numbers and the "seceret code" you need to break through to a human:


NOTE: The list can be used by printing it off and leaving it near the phone BUT since it is activly being updated it can be more useful if you check it online. If you use it online, you will see the new updates AND you can use the many hotlinks in the list. As an example, scroll down to PayPal and click on the hotlink. My computer is never turned off; instant access to information like this is one of the many reasons why.

Here's another link, to an article in Network World about the above list:



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