Saturday, May 23, 2009

Starting a Computer Club

Finally I am getting around to starting a computer club in our Myrtle Beach home. We will meet on a biweekly or monthly schedule. I will be the presenter at the first couple of meetings after which I hope other presentation volunteers will surface. I hope to present/have presented topics for beginners and more advanced at each meeting of the club. We will also have a "self help" session, with members presenting computer or networking problems that I or other members might have solutions for. At our first meeting I think I will do two short presentation, one for beginners on basic desktop and window management and one for all on problem solving via the web. Should be fun.

On another front, I continue to volunteer at the Socastee Library, giving a variety of Computer related courses in their computer equipped classroom. Tuesday June 16th I'm teaching "Maintaining Your Computer", Wednesday June 24th I'm teaching "Online Security" and sometime during the month (date not settled yet) will be "Computers 101".

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