Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Denville Library Presentation De-Bugging and Tuning Up Your Computer

I will be giving my "De-Gunking Your Computer" presentation tonight (Wed, 3/14/2007) at 7:00 at the Denville NJ public library. After doing this presentation at the Randolph library I posted it on Slideshare where it has been viewed, to my amazement, over 400 times. I updated and made some additions to the Randolph presentation and have re-posted it (separately) for Denville. Note that there are many hyperlinks in the presentation that lead you to supporting information on the web. You can spot them by moving the mouse cursor around the screen to see if it changes shape. Most of the links are on words, some of them are on images. You can get to the Denville version of the presentation by clicking the following link:

Note: when you click on the above link you will go to a site called Slideshare and will see the first page of the presentation in a reduced size. To the bottom right of this first slide you will see the word "full". If you click on "full" a full screen window will open with the presentation in it. The four arrows at the bottom of the screen allow you to navigate. Their function, from left to right is:
1. go to first slide
2. go to next slide
3. go to previous slide
4. go to last slide

Note that on the initial screen (the one that shows a small size slide) directly below the slide (scroll down) there is a place to leave comments. Please do so.

I hope you find the presentation useful. Enjoy!

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