Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Vista Is Here

Whoa, it's been a long time since my last post! Chalk that up to a lot of commotion in my life since then. Specifically, we sold our house and moved to a townhouse. At the same time we continue to make plans (we now have a signed contract) to build in Myrtle Beach. While it only takes two sentences to say that, to live it is a different matter altogether. At any rate, things are getting a little back to normal.

Microsoft's new operating system, Vista is here and available. If you already have a computer and are considering an upgrade, don't. Wait until Microsoft issues it's first massive set of fixes (referred to as a "fix pack"). Wait a month after that to make sure the fixes don't need fixes and then consider an upgrade but only if you are doing so to take advantage of some specific Vista capability. Don't upgrade for the sake of upgrading, it's not worth the aggravation you face with any operating system upgrade. If you are buying a new computer and it comes with Vista preloaded, beware of the "minimum system requirements" your system supplier will provide. As a rule of thumb, you should seriously consider doubling the system memory recommended.

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